Author: postmaster

The slick, FAST knife in my waistband

One of the more interesting pieces of “tactical knife advice” I’ve gotten over the years was this: Don’t carry your knife in your front pocket. See, most people just clip a tac...Read More

Enter a name, wait 9 seconds, brace yourself

Ever googled yourself? A friend? An online date? We’re all guilty of keeping an eye on what is said about us online. The problem is, Google limits the personal information it can show us. A new ...Read More

How a 9-volt battery can knock a man down

Have you ever wondered how it’s possible to take something as small as a 9-volt battery, like the one in your smoke detector… …and scramble a guy’s muscles with it, so bad that he wets him...Read More

A “sneaky” way to protect your 2nd Amendment rights

I’m not going to try to soften this, fellow gun owners. The elections are coming, and we’re all in big trouble. If Kamala Harris and Joe Biden get in the White House, or if the Democrats t...Read More

archery and… self-defense? (Weird)

I saw a funny meme the other day. It was about the invention of archery – the idea that people learned to shoot arrows because the guy they wanted to fight was “way over there.” And ...Read More

One click to fool “big brother” and Big Tech

George Orwell’s famous book, 1984, describes a future society where the government watches everybody. It isn’t fiction – it’s happening right now.The government routinely monit...Read More

Why “operators” don’t like shoulder holsters

If you’ve ever taken one of those high-speed, low-drag close-quarters shooting classes, you know that “operator” types are a little reluctant when it comes to shoulder holsters. That...Read More

Upgrade any gun sight for 2 bucks

One of the problems I’ve noticed that I have with shooting is that, as I get older, my eyes are a little weaker than they used to be. Quickly acquiring the sights on my gun has become more of a ...Read More