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Congrats On Your Purchase Of The Tactical EDC Pen!

You will receive confirmation of your order via email shortly. You will also receive a 2nd message when your item has been transferred to the shipping provider.

Due to pandemic, shipping times have been longer than usual. In some cases, up to 30 TO 45 day (we hope that’s not the case!). We understand that these things, especially at times like this, are frustrating. If for any reson you have changed your mind due to length of delivery, send support a message asap and we will get you cancelled or refunded so you don’t have to stress it…

Any other questions or concerns, please send us a message using our “help” icon below or by going to our support page.


REFUNDS FOR DIGITAL PRODUCTS: we guarantee all refunds for up to 60 days (no questions asked).

FOR PHYSICAL PRODUCTS: So long as your item is not damaged, returned with original packaging (undamaged) and returned within 60 days, your refund should be accepted in full. We understand that sometimes packaging gets a little damaged from time to time and in some instances can overlook it, but this will be taken on a case by case basis. It is our goal to maintain a good relationship with our customers and want to make things right, so just let us know what to expect and we will do our best to work it out for you with as little hassle as possible.

Unless under specific conditions, the cost of shipping for returned items is the responsibility of the customer. Specific conditions that warrant assistance with return shipping costs: