(FREE Book) Nunchaku For Self Defense


NUNCHUCKS! The Devastatingly Effective Street Weapon, "The Nunchaku"

Two foot-long lengths of wood or metal connected by a cord or chain: Nunchaku are that simple.

Yet this weapon, that is so simple anyone can build a pair at home with common hand tools, is illegal in multiple areas. Why is that?


It’s because “nunchucks” are incredibly powerful. Using this flexible club, you can knock an attacker unconscious with a single strike. Nunchucks are so powerful that they can even be FATAL if used recklessly.

Get your digital copy of NUNCHUCKS! and learn how to protect yourself with this ancient martial arts tool… that remains an effective street weapon today.

In simple, step-by-step instructions, author Phil Elmore teaches you how to carry, wield, and strike with the nunchaku. This weapon intimidates some people, while other people don’t realize how truly effective it is. Look beyond the pop-culture hype and see nunchucks for what they are: a brutal impact weapon that anyone can learn to use.

The text breaks down how to draw, manipulate, and strike with nunchucks, without hurting yourself, and shows you to train and practice with the weapon (safely).

The nunchaku don’t have to be complicated… and this book shows you just how easy it is to get up to speed, completely self-taught in the comfort of your own home. (Just make sure there are no fragile vases or lamps nearby, okay?)

Get your digital copy of NUNCHUCKS! and you’ll also be receiving a special section on the MANRIKI GUSARI, or weighted chain. Author Phil Elmore explains how to build your own from common hardware store components… and how to strike powerful blows with this equally ancient flexible weapon.

This is the only textbook on nunchaku you'll ever need... and with this information, you'll be able to build this powerful weapon no matter when you need one!

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