a 5 second “stiletto knife lesson

When I was a kid I used to watch old black and white movies on afternoon cable, like “Rebel without a Cause” and “Blackboard Jungle.”

One of the things that drew me to those movies was the prominence of switchblade stiletto knives in them.

There’s no denying how sexy – and DEADLY – that knife is.

But it’s also a pretty fragile knife, because the blade is so thin.

Years ago I talked to a guy who had done some hard time behind bars, and he explained the method you would use with the stiletto – a knife that some people consider an “assassin’s blade.”

He told me that with a knife that thin, you need to brace the target.

So if I guy attacked you and that was the only weapon you had to fight back with, you’d need to grab either the back of his head, or even brace the small of his back, and drive the knife in to a vulnerable point over and over.

Sounds pretty graphic, huh?

It’s basic… but for people looking to do serious damage with this deadly little knife, it works.

Want to learn more?

Former CIA officer Jason Hanson has written an entire book on the use of the deadly stiletto.

Not only that, but he even offers a combo package where you can get a stiletto knife along with the book.

His is one of the best books I’ve seen on the use of this wickedly cool blade.

You can get your copy here if you’d like to take your stiletto method to the next level.