A weapon you can take ANYWHERE

Last summer, before the pandemic, I had to fly across the country.

That meant I had to sit down and figure out what weapons I could take with me through airport security.

What I ended up with was a phone charge, a tactical pen… and my trusty tactical flashlight:

The reason I carry a tactical flashlight is simple.

Years ago, I got interested in kubotans and pocket sticks.

These are striking tools that are basically just a wooden or plastic dowel.

When you hit with them, the force of your strike is concentrated in the tip of the pocket stick – or, in this case, my flashlight.

It does an INSANE amount of damage compared to what you can do with your fist alone.

The thing is, though, while it’s not hard to learn to use a pocket stick, it’s a little more complicated than just, “hold it in your hand and get the other guy.”

What I needed, years back, was a book that explained how I could defend myself with just my little aluminum tactical flashlight.

That’s when I found Flashlight Fighting.

This was the first book of its kind – the first book to explain how to fight with small flashlights.

With the information in this book, you can defend yourself with a pocket flashlight, and that’s a weapon that can go literally anywhere with you, past almost ANY security checkpoint.

And while the book was out of print for many years, you can now get it in digital format.
In easy, step-by-step techniques that are easy to follow and remember, the book explains the basic techniques anyone needs to know to fight with this type of tool.

And if you learn these methods, they work with ANY rigid object, like a Sharpie marker or even a tactical pen – as well as your trusty tactical flashlight.

Don’t wait – get Flashlight Fighting as an instant digital download right now.

You’ll never have to go anywhere unarmed again.