archery and… self-defense? (Weird)

I saw a funny meme the other day.

It was about the invention of archery – the idea that people learned to shoot arrows because the guy they wanted to fight was “way over there.”

And while that’s funny, it’s a fact that firearms were invented for the same reason.

They let you defend yourself from someone at a distance, and if you can’t carry a gun, you are at a HUGE disadvantage.

Or you were.

One option, if you can’t or won’t carry a gun, but you still want to be able to defend yourself at a distance, is a throwing knife.

Now, no, you aren’t going to be hurling these from down the block like some kind of precision ninja.

But having a razor sharp piece of steel hurled at your face will make any criminal rethink his attack…

…even if you miss!

The throwing knives I rely on are the TRS Stinger X8 blades.

If someone is far enough away that you can’t reach them, and you need to preempt their attack on you, a fast jolt from your throwing knife – even if the handle-end hits them – can give you the advantage you need.

No, the knife isn’t going to spin through the air, hit them in the skull, and drop them like cow that’s been bolt-gunned…

…but NOBODY can continue their attack when a razor-sharp blade is flying at their face!

The dirty little secret about knife-throwing is that it isn’t hard to learn.

You just need a good blade, a good guide, and a little bit of practice.

The folks at FightFast have a great beginner’s package (that is also fun for more experienced knife throwers).

If you go to this webpage, you can get both the X8 Stinger Throwing Knife and their Stinger Throwing Secrets DVD.

The next time you need to preempt somebody’s attack on you, you’ll have the tools and the know-how to do it.

And with this guide, you’ll learn how to do that while also kicking butt on the street.