Chinese, Russians hacking our pandemic research?

You may not remember this (or maybe you do), but it got brushed under the rug pretty fast:

A couple years back, power substations in California were the subject of terrorist attacks intended to shut them down.

The media, weirdly, didn’t make much of a fuss over this.

That’s because they didn’t want to cause a panic.

They knew — and our government knows — that our power grid is WEAK.

That’s what caused that Great Northeast Blackout several years back, too – it was our feeble electrical grid being unable to handle a tiny portion of it that BROKE.

Well, the same people who have secretly been looking for weaknesses in our power grid are ALSO attacking our computer networks.

They do it ALL The time… and their latest target is our coronavirus pandemic research.

So why are foreign powers like China and Russia targeting our power grid, our computer data networks, and things like medical research?

It’s because they know that if they cripple our electronic infrastructure, society will FALL PART.

All it takes is an EMP – an electromagnetic pulse – that is easy to create with a ground-based device, a widespread electrical grid attack, or (while this is unlikely) a nuclear blast above our nation.

But they don’t HAVE to start setting off nukes; an EMP is way easier to create than that.

And while ALL your electronic devices are vulnerable, you can take simple steps to protect them (and maintain your link to data and communications even AFTER an EMP attack).

If our electrical grid goes down, YOU can be the one who still has access to critical communication and information.

For example, go online to eBay or Amazon and buy yourself some “Faraday bags.”

These are plastic bags, or even Nylon pouches with Velcro closures, that protect small electronic devices from EMP.

(As a plus, they make your cell phone untrackable by isolating it from the network when it’s in the bag.)

But that’s just one, small tip you can use.

If you’d like a lot MORE easy to follow tips and tricks for protecting yourself from EMP and electrical grid failure, you can get it in this book.

It’s Dan Sullivan’s EMP Protocol, and you can get it here.

It’s loaded with information on surviving EMPs, blackouts and power grid failures, and much, much more.

Right now, we’re in the heat of summer, and threat of brown-outs and black-outs will increase as we go through August.

Be ready for that – and anything ELSE the Russians and Chinese throw at us – with EMP Protocol.

You’ll sleep better at night with this information at hand.