A lot of people have been hiding at home these last few months, watching shows on Netflix like “Cobra Kai.”

The show takes on the old “Karate Kid” movies from a new perspective, and the slogan of the “villain” school from the movies – now the “hero” of the show – is “Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy.”

People love the show, even though “Cobra Kai” were the “bad guys” of the movies.

And that’s because striking first WORKS!

I’ve been thinking about that while I’ve been watching, for months, these “protesters” blocking the streets and attacking people in their cars.

They’ve been bullying people in restaurants, waking them up at night in their homes, and basically making clear that they run the streets, as they see it.

It’s insane.

It is no longer possible to go into town without seriously preparing for the possibility of crossing paths with a dangerous person who might physically attack you for simply disagreeing with them.

But we can’t let these people prevent us from going about our lives. Good men and women must be prepared to fight back. That means being prepared with the proper gear AND training…

We all know that our gun will be a major deterrent for most threats…But what about when you don’t have access to your gun?

…that’s when being equipped with REAL, effective street-fighting techniques will prove to be the most important, life-saving tool in your arsenal.

A good training program (especially for times like these) cuts the B.S. and helps you to learn the techniques YOU NEED quickly.

The combatives in this program are some of the fastest-to-learn, most brutal methods there are, so much so that a lot of people try to pretend they don’t exist.

It’s easy to use, inexpensive, and will absolutely teach you the bare-bones, no-nonsense, VICIOUS fighting you need NOW.

You can get access to “First Strike” here.