Cut a mugger DEEP with this

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There’s a Korean “knife fighting” movie that has been floating around the Internet for years now called “The Man From Nowhere.”

It features some of the most realistic (and vicious) blade combat you’ll see on film (and came before hyper-violent movies like “The Raid” that show the same type of combat).

But what I like about the movie isn’t the main character’s knife, which is a completely unremarkable tactical folder…

It’s the knife that the villain carries.

That knife is a fixed-blade kerambit, an Indonesian weapon with a finger ring and a curved blade that is carried in reverse grip.

Kerambits are fantastic, brutal weapons.

  • The curved blade slices deep, because the curve draws the target into the edge as you cut.
  • The ring is great for bashing an attacker in the face, almost like a single “brass knuckle.”
  • You can stab up and in, deeply, at extreme close quarters, because of the way the kerambit is held and the way the blade is shaped.
    When the world went crazy, I went looking for a good fixed-blade kerambit for self-defense.

The one I bought costs only a fraction of the one carried by the villain in The Man From Nowhere, but it’s the same size.

I want you to know, I paid for this with my own money long before I ever wrote my first email promoting this product.

This is the one I own:

If you’d like this same one…

…You can grab yours here.

There are a few bargain offers that will come up after you buy it, and you can either add those, or skip through them until you get to the receipt page.

(Your call!)

Me, I never feel unarmed – or “under” armed – when I’m carrying this blade on my belt.

This is the type of close-quarters protection we all need right now.

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