Dictator Gov. Whitmer’s goons tracked patriots’ cell phones

Have you been following what’s been going on in Michigan during their coronavirus lock-down?

Michigan’s Governor Whitmer, a petty tyrant who LOVES telling her citizens what to do, got caught in a bunch of scandals recently.

(She’s a hypocrite who wants to make you stay home forever… but her husband wants special treatment to get his boat launched, and she supported the BLM protests in her state!)

She told her citizens they weren’t allowed to drive from one home to another (if they had more than one)… that they couldn’t visit relatives… and that they weren’t even allowed to buy SEEDS to plant gardens, because those were “non-essential.”

She’s been such a tyrant that she’s been protested several times.

Then she smeared the patriotic protesters, who just wanted their Constitutional rights, as “racists” and “Nazis.”

But it gets worse:

That’s right: Whitmer’s thugs used GPS technology to track the movements of anyone who was at her protest carrying a phone!

There’s a simple way to prevent this.

All you need is to go online and buy a “Faraday bag,” which is a little pouch lined with foil that blocks signals to and from your phone.

You can even make your own with aluminum foil, as long as there are no breaks in the foil (yes, really).

If you’re going to a protest and carrying your phone, put the phone in the Faraday bag so that NOBODY can track you.

(Just remember that you can’t send or receive anything while your phone is tucked away like that).

There are a LOT more things you can do to protect your privacy.

Like the foil bag trick, they’re not hard.

You just have to follow some simple instructions, and you’ll be able to STOP goons like Whitmer’s supporters from putting you under surveillance.

You can get your copy of this Patriot Privacy manual here.

It’s awful that we have to think along these lines, but if you want to keep dictators like Whitmer and her supporters from poking around in your life, you HAVE to do it.

It’s getting worse every day – but at least now, we have the tools to fight back.