Did Trump “admit” this on purpose?

I know people are still talking about the big debate President Trump had recently, but I’m more interested in some other comments he made not too long ago.

In a press conference that I watched when it was broadcast, he made a “mistake.”

He admitted something that politicians simply aren’t supposed to say out loud.

He talked about the people in the “dark shadows,” the people pulling the strings of parts of our government behind the scenes.

Think about it:

Have you ever wondered how it is that WE ALL KNOW certain politicians broke the law, over and over again…

…but nobody will ever do anything about it?

It’s because there are people, powerful people, interfering from the darkness.

These are the people who murdered Jeffrey Epstein and then claimed it was the least convincing “suicide” in history… all so Epstein couldn’t out powerful people who flew on his “Lolita Express.”

These are the people who rig elections, like the one coming up.

These are the people who make political assassinations (like JFK) possible.

These are the people who plant misinformation in the culture so that if you DO question what’s on the news, you look like a crazy “conspiracy theory nut” and nobody takes you seriously.

But Trump, probably because he’s not very good at not just saying whatever he’s thinking, let out the secret.

And now there’s a book that lays out how it ALL works.

Rulers of Darkness Exposed doesn’t just explain who’s pulling the strings – who’s RUNNING the “shadow government.”

It also explains how you can immediately recognize whenever these Rulers are interfering.

In fact, the trick is so simple, you’ll be amazed you didn’t think of it first.

You can get pre-order your copy of Rulers of Darkness Exposed here.

Just don’t wait – because this is exactly the type of information “Big Tech” will ban as we had into the November elections.