Enter a name, wait 9 seconds, brace yourself

Ever googled yourself? A friend? An online date?

We’re all guilty of keeping an eye on what is said about us online. The problem is, Google limits the personal information it can show us.

A new website that people are calling “creepy”, “scary,” and “addicting,” TruthFinder is making users speechless over the unlimited amount of personal details it can find on just about anyone in America.

With the click of a mouse you’ll have access to almost anyone’s criminal records, arrest history, divorce records, phone numbers, social media accounts, emails, known relatives, associates, licenses, sex offenders search, mug shots and the list goes on and on.

Here’s how it works:

TruthFinder has access to billions of public records that reveal personal details on just about everyone in America. The records they get are official U.S. records sourced from federal, state, and private commercial databases.

Most users are amazed to find:

Criminal arrest records
Background checks
Social media accounts
Traffic violations

A search gives you almost instant results. Enter a name and seconds later you’ll get your full legal name, aliases, age, relatives and different cities you have lived in. Spot on details. It can even expose hard to find social media profiles!

Ready to give it a try?

Give TruthFinder a try and see for yourself. Run a background search on anyone: an old friend, an online date, your neighbor, a relative – even yourself. You’ll be surprised by what you will find.

Just enter a name and see your results instantly. You can check as many records as you want: friends, family, co-workers, celebrities and even yourself!

If you’re ready for your first search, click here now.

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