Fight guys used to warn about shirts like this

I used to know a martial arts instructor who referred to some clothes as “HYCKMA clothes.”

He was talking about any shirt or jacket that had a martial arts or gun logo on it.

According to him, if you wore clothes like this, you were signaling to other people that you thought you were a “tough guy,” and they might actually try to pick a fight with you to prove you wrong.

(People are like that.)

“HYCKMA,” according to him, stood for, “Hey you! Come kick my @ss!”

There was a time when his advice made sense to me, too… but not anymore.

See, these days, if you’re a gun owner, your rights are under CONSTANT ATTACK.

People treat you like you’re a bad person for wanting to defend yourself and your family… and our governments, from the federal to the state to local city councils and mayors, have used the pandemic to grab power and harass gun owners worse than ever.

If you’re sick and tired of these attacks on your rights, there’s never been a better time than now to show it.

You can pick up one of these “iPac” shirts to tell the world that, no, you’re not going to take their crap anymore.

You’re a gun owner, you’re proud, and you’re not the person to mess with – and this shirt says that without getting all “in your face” about it.
It seems like a small thing, but right now, it really matters.

We all need to stand up for ourselves – and, honestly, it doesn’t hurt to let people know you are NOT an easy target.