Do you trust the government?

These days, you’d be crazy to.

They’re always working to take away your guns.

They lied to us about masks during the pandemic, and they’ve changed their stories a bunch of times.

They push us around, take too much of our money in taxes, and basically do whatever they want… no matter WHO is in office.

Now, some politicians are better than others, that’s true…

…but one of the reasons you keep hearing about the “deep state” is because they work AGAINST the president (and whoever else is in office) to do whatever the heck they want to the American people.

And I’m sick and tired of it.

There are a few people out there who know how this works.

One of them put together this book on the deep state, the “shadow government” that operates “behind the curtain.”

Even if you don’t fully believe it, it’s fascinating reading, and they’ll even send you a copy of the book just for the cost of shipping.

(I know, because I got one for myself, and it showed up in the mail pretty quickly.)

You can also get a PDF if you don’t want to wait.

It’s not exactly “fun” reading… but it’s a quick read and, honestly, it’s pretty disturbing.

But now that I’ve read it, I have a better handle on how they try to fool us and control us.

You will, too, once you’ve read it.

You can get your copy here before they sell out.