Get “deadly” with your carry knife

Have you ever wondered why “switchblades” and “stiletto” knives are illegal in some areas?

It’s actually kind of interesting, because a lot of those laws (some of which have been repealed in the last few years) go back to the 1950s.

That’s when a bunch of movies about “juvenile delinquents” with switchblade stilettos hit the theaters, like Blackboard Jungle and Rebel Without a Cause.

Lawmakers back in the day, thinking they were preventing crimes (which were mostly imaginary), made these knives illegal because the movies scared them!

But have you ever wondered why these knives got popular in the first place – so popular that movie makers put them in movies?

It’s because the folding stiletto knife is fantastic for self-defense.

  • It’s slim, so it penetrates deeply when you thrust with it.
  • It’s light and easily hidden, so it’s very easy to conceal and carry every day.
  • The automatic ones open very quickly, but even manual ones are now just as fast… because may of them have “flipper guards” that let you snap the blade open with one finger.

These days, we’re facing street violence that is unlike anything those folks in the 1950s ever could have imagined.

The average 1950s biker gang, with a leather-jacketed Marlon Brando in the lead, looks quaint and even silly compared to today’s criminals.

Now, more than ever, you need an EDC fighting knife that can protect your life.

FightFast, who make all kinds of great knives available to folks like us, have one they call the Enforcer stiletto that has all kinds of great features:

It’s a manual knife, so it won’t be illegal because of “switchblade laws” from the Fifties.

It also has the flipper guard that lets you snap the blade open lightning-fast.

It has a strong lock, too, that you can actuate with just one hand, so this knife is a one-hand-open, one-hand-close blade.

And of course, it has the slim, deadly stiletto styling that first made these knives popular in the 1950s.

A major knife company makes a knife very similar to this for a LOT more money.

Now you can get THIS one for the cost of shipping it to you on this page.

Don’t wait – get this vicious self-defense blade now.

You never know when the streets are going to get violent these days… and every single one of us should be armed for self-protection.