Have you been pick-pocketed (seriously)?

Everybody knows what a pickpocket is.

They’re people who steal your wallet when you don’t realize they’re doing it.

The thing is, though, today’s thieves don’t have to take your wallet.

All they have to do is get close enough to scan you.

See, your cards (and even your driver’s license) use RFID technology.

(That’s how your chip card can be “tapped and scanned” without swiping the magnetic strip.)
You’ve probably already heard about “skimmers,” which are these things data thieves add to gas pump card readers to read your debit or credit card numbers when you use the pump.

But what you may NOT realize is that thieves don’t even need a physical swipe of your card anymore.

These days, they can use RFID to read the data on your card at a distance!

In fact, even some of the store scanners used to scan inventory can read the information from your cards if you get close enough (even though they don’t do anything with those numbers).

What that means is, for the right hacker, you are a sitting duck.

The only way to stop people from scanning your card numbers at a distance is with an RFID blocking wallet or sleeve.

This is the same technology that the DMV now issues with “smart licenses,” to keep the data on the license from being read!

An RFID wallet can be very expensive… but you can get individual card sleeves for much less.

I found a website that offers an RFID sleeve pack for the cost of shipping, and I use these on my own cards now.

It’s the only way to stop some hacker from stealing your data… and then helping himself to your bank account or your credit rating!

Get yours here while they’re in stock.

(The last time I told people about this sleeve offer, they sold out of inventory by evening.)

Watch your backs out there – and your wallets!