How a 9-volt battery can knock a man down

Have you ever wondered how it’s possible to take something as small as a 9-volt battery, like the one in your smoke detector…

…and scramble a guy’s muscles with it, so bad that he wets himself?

Well, that’s how a handheld “taser” works.

See, it’s basically an electrical transformer.

(No, I don’t mean a truck that turns into a robot.)

There’s an old saying in electricity – “It’s not the volts that get you, it’s the amps.”

The old units used 9-volt batteries that “transformed” as much as 50,000 volts at low amperage.

But… imagine what you could do if you have a BIGGER, rechargeable battery…

…and you could recharge the unit by flipping out a set of plugs and sticking it right in a wall outlet?

Well, wonder no more – because depending on your state, you could give a mugger up to 10 MILLION reasons to leave you the heck alone.

Check it out here.