If you’ve ever heard of a criminal interview, you know this is when a street predator – a mugger, a thug, a guy who wants to sucker punch you for fun – comes up to you and sizes you up.

Often, he does this by talking to you, to see how you’ll react to his questions.

  • He may ask you for the time, so he can trick you into looking down at your phone and then sucker punch you.
  • He might ask you for a light, and while your hands are busy with your lighter (If you have one), he’ll strike.
  • He might tell you an elaborate story about needing a very specific sum of money for gas, or a bus ticket, or something else… and he’s trying to distract you with all these details because he’s conning you.
    These are all basically crude mind tricks.

They’re a way to manipulate you.

People have asked me how to tell when these con artists and predators are targeting them – and even better, how to use their con-man manipulation tricks against them.

And the secret is this downloadable program on Black Ops Hypnosis.

You can take a look here – but I’m NOT going to say more about it.

That’s because, honestly, I worry that this kind of manipulation might be just a little too “dark” for the average person.

But hey, I’m not the boss of you – so find out for yourself if this is the type of thing you’d be comfortable using on the street… at your job… in your personal life… or anywhere ELSE you need an edge.