How to spot coronavirus symptoms

A lot of people are worried about coronavirus, or COVID-19, because they’re worried about all the shortages caused by panic-buying. But have you spent any time worrying about catching it… and how to avoid the people who have it?

The CDC’s website lists these symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

But what does that really mean for you?

  1. If you see someone who is sweating or red in the face, avoid them. This means you’ll have to pay close attention to the people around you. You’d be surprised how little people really pay attention to others. Look for the telltale shine of sweat on faces, arms, and hands, which means that person has a fever. Flushed skin is also an indicator.
  2. Coughs are obvious, but it’s one thing if it’s a wet cough, which can be lots of things (like the common cold). COVID-19 is a respiratory illness, so pay special attention to hoarse, dry coughs that make it sound like someone is having trouble breathing.
  3. Shortness of breath is harder to detect in other people, but when they speak, you’ll be able to tell they’re having trouble getting out all the words in one breath. Listen very closely to the people around you for signs of shortness of breath. Of course, the best way to avoid people who are sick with coronavirus is to avoid people completely. The new term for this is “social distancing,” and it’s worth considering. If you don’t have to be around people… don’t!

I’ll be in touch with more helpful tips.