I made my boss look silly camping

When I was a teenager, I once went camping with my family, including my dad, and my dad’s boss.

I’m not sure why they decided to go on a camping trip together, because I remember my dad hating his boss.

I also remember when they got into an argument about – I’m not kidding – the best way to cook corn on the cob over the campfire.

I remember thinking that my dad couldn’t argue like he wanted to, because at the end of the day, this guy was his boss.

Well, years later, when I was working for a high-tech firm (before I got into survival and survival products), I went hiking with my manager.

We got along okay, honestly, but the fact that he was “the boss” was always kind of in my mind.

And then I scored one for my dad!

It happened when it came time to stop for the day and break out our gear to cook dinner.

My boss had this fancy gas-tank equipped burner with about a million accessories that took forever to set up.

By the time he was ready to cook his food, I was already halfway done!

And my pack was about half as heavy as his, too.

That’s because in my pack, and in all of my bug-out bags, I carry the smallest, most convenient folding camp stove there is… and it’s STILL the best one out there.

It’s this neat little unit from Survival Frog:

The best thing about this stove is, you can use it for so many different things.

You can put it in your bug-out bags… in your hiking gear… tuck one away in your car for emergencies… and, yes, use it when you go camping.

It’s super fast and easy to use; you just snap it open and light the fuel!

It’s so small that it almost disappears, and you can keep solid fuel for it right inside the folded stove.

(I’ve even carried it around in the pocket of my cargo shorts.)

You can get your pocket stove here – and you can even get it for 25% off if you want.

I love mine (and I love that I could get a “win” for my dad on some level, you know?)

You’ll love your pocket stoves, too.