KO a thug with “1 knuckle” (with this weapon)

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I don’t have to tell you that the streets are NUTS right now.

Antifa thugs, rioters, protesters… they’re all looking to bully innocent people, shut them up, and push them around.

And our police have said they’re backing off – because every time they do arrest someone, more riots seem to break out.

What that means is that if some scumbag blocks a street and then attacks you for trying to get past – or some criminal tries to mug you, or worse – you’re on your own.

And while I bet a lot of you reading this are very capable of protecting yourselves, you can’t be bigger and stronger than everybody you meet.

There’s always somebody bigger.

But you CAN be sneakier and meaner.

One of the best “sneaky” tools that is an absolute WRECKING BALL of a weapon is this simple “punisher skull knuckle” keychain that I picked up for almost nothing.

It’s like a single knuckle from a set of brass knuckles… except it’s got a devastating pointed tip.

You could use this to break somebody’s jaw with just that one knuckle… but there’s a trick to doing it right.

You don’t wear it like a ring (like the picture on the left)… you wear it over your knuckles and brace the “skull face” against your palm.

When you strike with it, you get all the power of your arm behind that keychain… and focused in the pointed tip.

I know, it looks almost the same… and no matter how you use it, it’s going to hurt like hell.

If you use it like I show here (and yes, that’s MY punisher skull knuckle, because I took these photos and edited them myself – including my hairy arm) you can absolutely wreck anybody who tries to hurt you!

Carrying this little piece of gear, which is so inexpensive you can buy several of them (you know, in case you lose one, or you have to get rid of it because you can’t get in somewhere that has security) makes me feel a LOT safer.

I like knowing that I have an unfair advantage… and the power to break some scumbag’s jaw with a single punch if he tries to attack me.

You can get your punisher skull knuckle on this page.

Like I said, you might want to buy more than one – I did, and I carry one all the time.

Be safe out there… because it’s more dangerous than ever on our streets.

Good people need an “unfair advantage” to protect themselves and their families.

This devastating little keychain definitely qualifies.

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