Mistakes by Internet “knife fighting experts”

The fact that it isn't your GRIP, but the TYPE of knife, that makes a difference!

“Welcome to the Internet knife fighting, where everybody’s an expert and everybody’s always right.”

And if you’ve spent any time online, you’ve seen people arguing about knives as self-defense tools.

But a whole bunch of them are making a HUGE mistake, especially when they’re arguing about…

Knife Grips (And Why They Don’t Matter)

For as long as there have been people talking about self-defense blades online, there have been people arguing about which grip is best.

Forward grip, reverse grip, edge in, edge out… it just goes on and on.

But you know what ALL those people arguing are missing?

The fact that it isn’t your GRIP, but the TYPE of knife, that makes a difference!
A lot of people use folding knives for self-defense, and that’s fine… but I don’t have to tell you that a fixed blade is faster and easier to deploy under stress.

(You already know that!)
What you should be doing, then, when picking a good blade for both self-defense and utility, is picking one that is…

  • Light (a lot of Internet “knife fighters” are lugging around “pocket anchors”)
  • Fast to deploy (instead of digging around for hours to grab your knife and open it)
  • Covert (so you can carry and conceal it comfortably)
  • Solid and strong (so it won’t fail when you need it!)

There are a few knives on the market that match that description, but this one not only has all those features, but comes with a free sharpener if you act fast.

No matter what blade you carry, though, make sure you’ve got these bases covered BEFORE you worry about (or argue with Internet strangers over) which grip is best.

It’s just a matter of priorities, you know?

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