My buddy’s backpack EXPLODED on the trail. . .

You probably know that one way to test your bugout bag (or BOB) is to take it on hikes.

I have a friend who shares my interest in survival and self-defense, and we did a short hike the other day with our bags.

The plan was to go camping and try out some of the gear we were carrying.

But then my buddy’s bag EXPLODED while we were working.

The Nylon just came apart, and everything came spilling out.

Turns out he went “cheap” when he bought his bag.

That’s the one thing you don’t DARE do.

A BOB is just a survival kit that you can take with you if you have to leave your home (or wherever you’re trying to ride out an emergency).

When you’re “bugging out,” your Bug-Out Bag becomes a mobile survival kit that can keep you protected, fed, and provided for.

That’s why BOBs are so important, and why every survival guy or gal usually starts by putting one together.

But if you pick one of those cheap bags, it’s going to wear out… and then, like it did for my friend Steve, it’s going to fall apart while you’re walking!

When you’re choosing your bug-out bag, then, you want a tough, multi-function bag that has features suited to carrying AND organizing your gear.

One of the better ones – and the one I rely on – is this model from Evatac.

They call it their “Evatac Assault.”

It’s made of tough, 1000D poly, has multiple compartments, and is designed to see you through the kind of touch wear you need in a daily carry or bugout bag.

This is a great quality bag that is affordable enough for you to replace all your BOBs with this “backpack upgrade.”

Better yet, you never have to worry that you’ll have the same problem my friend Steve did.

Get this tough-as-nails assault bag while you can.

You can’t afford to choose one of those cheap, weak bags when your life depends on what you’re carrying.