My “home invasion” story

All the riots and protest marches lately have finally started to come down to my neighborhood, and my family is worried.

I’m worried, too.

When the first demonstrations happened in our city, I stayed up almost all night because I was worried the rioters would come down our street.

(That first weekend that things got bad, they actually broke into a Target just a few blocks away.)

Well, just the other night, the dog started barking his head off.

He’s a good boy, a massive chocolate lab who lets me know when anything is coming.

Most of the time, he’s just reacting to people outside on the street.

But this time, there really WAS somebody, outside the window, trying to figure out how to get inside.

That’s right: an actual home invader.

We don’t think it can happen to us, you know?

Well, I light up that window like the surface of the sun, because I had my tactical flashlight ready to go.

(I also have a shotgun and a machete.)

That was enough to scare the guy off, but you can be that I’ll be ready next time – and part of being ready is having my trusty tactical flashlight by my bed.

There are only about a billion tactical flashlights on the market, but this Military Grade “Torch Tactical Flashlight” is REALLY good.

It’s got multiple modes, it’s waterproof, and it will run on either 3 AAA batteries or one rechargeable 18650 cell.

Oh, and it’s MELT YOUR FACE bright, as my “almost home invader” found out!

You can get yours here for just the cost of shipping while they’re running a promotion.

Me, I’m going to try to get some sleep now that the sun is up.