Obama (and Kamala Harris) want your GUNS

I don’t know if you caught any of the Democrat National Convention online when it happened, but the Dems (and Obama, who was back to give speeches) were very clear.

So was the debate between Biden and Trump – and remember, Kamala Harris, who is Biden’s running mate, is just like Obama when it comes to firearms.

They HATE guns, and they I don’t want you to own them.

Now, I try not to be really political, but when it comes to guns, there’s no getting around this.

During the time Obama was president, gun sales were off the charts, because he was always talking about how he’d like to ban guns.

They slowed down when Trump was elected, but then a funny thing happened.

During this pandemic… and then riots and looting that followed… gun stores have been absolutely PICKED CLEAN.

And I’ll tell you why.

It isn’t JUST that people are worried about violent mobs showing up in their neighborhood.

They’re ALSO worried about what’s going to happen in the 2020 election.

If the government ends up FULL of anti-gun politicians, with no checks or balances to stop them, your gun rights will be in as much danger as they were when Obama was in charge.

And that’s where this funny old video comes in.

This video was recorded when Obama was in charge… but it’s more valid now than EVER before:

Not only that, but the book you can get at the link below the video is ALSO just as valid now… and maybe MORE.

It’s called Ammo Independence: The Firearms Survival Guide.

It’s a complete guide to how you can protect YOUR fundamental right to self-defense, and the guns you need to do that with.

Obama may not be able to do much more than give speeches now, but politicians who feel the same way he did — or who are even MORE hostile to your gun rights – could be in charge in just a few months.

Don’t wait to protect your Second Amendment rights.

Get your copy of the Firearms Survival Guide here…

…And prepare for the worst come November.