“Old School” prepping is on the way back

Tactical Survival Guides from Skilled Survival is an instant library of "old school" survivalist and prepper principles
Skilled Survival

Are you getting tired of the lockdowns and the endless, grinding, bad news?

Every day, you probably feel like, “What bad news are they going to give us today?” – right?

And that’s when they’re NOT contradicting the bad news they gave us the day before!

Well, one thing you can do to manage your stress AND keep yourself and your family safe is to go back to “old school” survivalism and prepping.

For years, survivalists in the United States were not “mainstream.”

They were considered an underground movement, and even paranoid.

It wasn’t until the term “prepping” got popular that more and more people started to identify with this movement – which started as survivalism.

Well, it turns out all the tenets of old-school survivalism are what we all SHOULD be doing right now:

1. Make sure you have enough food stored away to get you through a dark time (like now).

2. Make sure you have the tools, equipment, and other gear to provide for your own needs (including your medical care, basic repairs and maintenance, etc.) while you’re waiting out the bad stuff going on.

3. Be prepared to go mobile and “bug out” with critical supplies.

So how do you do all that – especially now? You go “old school,” acquiring the survivalist knowledge that will prepare you for whatever problem you’re going to face.

A great starting point to do this is the Tactical Survival Guides from Skilled Survival.

Skilled Survival

These guides have a little bit of everything – and they won’t blow a hole in your wallet.

You can grab yours here.

You’ll be getting ALL the survival guides pictured for as much as just one or two e-books from other publishers.

More importantly, you’re getting an instant library of knowledge that will help you get “old school” with survivalist and prepper principles – and right now, that’s what we all need.

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