protect your home from rioting ANIMALS

I’m betting a lot of us didn’t get much sleep last weekend.

We stayed up late, wondering if the rioting, the looting, was going to come close to us.

Businesses, even homes, were burned to the ground.

Others were torn apart and ransacked.

Thieves, claiming to be “protesting,” instead took whatever they wanted… and savagely beat anybody who got in their way.

People have died.

If you’re like me, you’re wondering if you’ve done everything you can do to protect your home and your family from violent mobs.

And you’re not alone.

Here’s one tip you can use right now: There are all kinds of “news map apps” you can install on your phone that will give you a heads-up for things going on in your area.

(I used one of those apps to track the rioting in my area last weekend.)

You should also be monitoring hashtags on Twitter, even if you don’t use Twitter yourself.

Make a throwaway account and track some of the hashtags used to coordinate rioting and looting — you’ll be able to tell which those are because they’ll be listed as “trending” on the Twitter search page.

Your local news pages on Facebook are also a good place to look for local updates on where rioting and looting are happening.

But there’s a LOT more you can be doing, and it goes way beyond just monitoring the news for a heads-up to the violence.

This video will explain some very important mistakes to avoid while protecting your home and family from violence and social chaos.

Just keep in mind – the video is pretty harsh.

It pulls no punches in explaining what we should all be doing to protect what’s ours from the people who feel entitled to take it by force.

I know we’ve all been through so much this year… and we’ve got to be strong as we get through this next threat.

But we can do it… and we’ll do it together.