Slick “American Gunner” face shield here….

Before the world went nuts and everybody started dressing like ninjas and train robbers, I had a drawer full of the very things everybody’s wearing.

Call it a “face shield,” call it a “buff,” call it a “neck gaiter“… these are all different names for a tube of fabric that you can use in different ways.

They’re a GREAT survival item.

You can wear them as a mask… as a beanie, if you wrap them just right… as a head cloth (what we used to call a “do-rag”)… and, yes, even as a makeshift filter.

The problem is, not all of these face shields are created equal.

I bought some from an online auction site way back when, and they were so tight that I actually ripped one trying to stretch it out to fit my face.

It took me a while to find one that had the quality I wanted…

…And if you’re going to rely on a face shield to protect you out there, especially during the pandemic, you deserve one that’s well made, too.

(Also, it wouldn’t hurt to put your heart on your sleeve a little, either.)

I found one that I thought was really cool

You can get this slick “American Gunner” face shield at this website.

I know when I wear it, I feel a little better – both because I’m protected, and because I’m showing my pride.

I’m betting you’d feel the same.