Stressed? You can BEAT the collapse that’s coming

One of the things I’m really worried about recently — and you probably are, too — is how we can keep spending and spending in the United States and not eventually run out of money.

I’m old enough to remember the Carter years in the Seventies, and the phenomenon of “stagflation” — high inflation and low economic growth.

It was a miserable time to be alive, and a lot of people were worried.

But of course, it has a happy ending, and we experienced the economic boom of the Eighties after that.

Well, right now, we may be heading into the same slump, especially after the pandemic… but there are steps you can take RIGHT NOW.

For example, here’s a tip you can use immediately:

During the pandemic, the places that sell survival food, booze, and tobacco were hit with AMAZING demand, and they had backorders for weeks.

But I had a buddy who stockpiled a bunch of that stuff while it was still easy to get… and then he used it as valuable trade goods to get through the product shortages after all the panic buying during the pandemic.

You can do the same!

(Heck, even a stockpile of coffee became super valuable while the stores were temporarily cleaned out!)

Look for stuff that you can get right now, then stock up on it, knowing that the next time the stores run out, you’ll be sitting on a PILE of trade goods.

Sound good?

There’s a lot more you can be doing right now, though, to prepare for runaway inflation and your paper money becoming almost worthless, even if that’s only temporary like it was in the 1970s.

I found a great book that outlines the simple steps you can take to prep for financial bad times… so you can get through them to the good times that always seem to come after.

You can get your copy here.

We don’t know how long it will take, but as long as we’re prepared to weather the bad times, it won’t matter.

We’ll get through it, and be prepared to survive and thrive when things start to get better.

That’s what I’m working on, and I bet you and your family would benefit from it, too.