We’re all “urban survivalists” now

A lot of people are more worried than ever about looters and home invaders.

Most of us live in urban or suburban environments, where the threat of our neighbors deciding to take what we’ve stockpiled is a very real concern.

Your neighbor doesn’t have toilet paper?

Maybe he starts thinking about yours.

He doesn’t have food?

Maybe he understands that you and your family have some he can take.

The threat of looting makes urban survival more important than ever… but while we’re all waiting for our states to “reopen,” we’ve also got to find a way to pass the time without losing our minds.

One way to do that is to play cards – but why not learn about urban survival while you do it?

These urban survival cards are perfect for doing that.

They’re small enough to carry with you or drop into a bugout bag, and of course you can keep a deck or two at home for whenever you’re feeling bored.

You can grab yours here.

Every time you play with them – or even build a house of cards, if you like – you’ll be learning important information about surviving this dangerous world we’re all in.

Get yours while they’re in stock.

You won’t just be more entertained; you’ll be better prepared, and that’s what it’s all about.