The attackers THOUGHT I had no weapon

(Hey, real quick, when I sent this link out this morning, the manufacturer sold out and the link stopped working — but I’ve since gotten a link to the exact pen I was carrying, so I’m sending this out again.)

Back before the pandemic started, I was almost mugged.

I was walking to my car with a lady friend and her 11-year-old daughter.

While we were walking, I noticed two guys following us in the mall parking lot.

We had been to a movie, and it was well after dark, with the parking lot kind of empty (the stores were closed and only restaurants and the movies were open).

Well, I stopped, turned, made eye contact with the two guys, and slipped out the only weapon I had with me at the time.

It was a pen exactly like this one:

Now, I realize a “tactical pen” may not seem all that deadly.

But this one is basically an aluminum spike that I can plant in an attacker’s eyes, his neck, and a few other vulnerable spots.

It can stab, or it can “poke” like a pocket stick/pressure point tool.

And the manufacturer will even give you a digital guide on how to use it!

(You can get one here.)

Well, I didn’t have to use my tactical pen, thank goodness – the two guys saw me standing there with something in my hand, held like an ice pick, and TURNED 90 DEGREES.

They walked immediately at an angle to take themselves from me, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

My friend and her daughter never even saw what happened.

But I knew – and if it happens to you, you’ll know too.