This close-quarters blade is an AMAZING weapon

One of the questions we get most often here is, “Which knife should I carry for self-defense?”

The truth is, any knife will serve if you have some training with it.

If you’re looking for the deadliest knife out of the box, though, there’s no doubt in my mind.

You want a kerambit.

Sometimes spelled “karambit,” the knife is basically a raptor claw with a ring for your index finger.

Some are fixed blades, but most people carry a folding knife.

A folding kerambit lets you pop open the wicked sharp blade and then slip your finger into the ring, where it locks in place.

  • You can use it to make deadly, close-quarter slashes, which makes it a dangerous proposition to get anywhere near you.
  • You can also use it for brutal hooking thrusts that penetrate deeply and do real damage.

The fact is, if you want a knife for legal self-defense when your life is truly in danger, you can’t do much better right out of the box than one of these curved blades.

You can get your brutal folding kerambit here at this special link.

It’s definitely worth the low price, and it will serve you well if things ever get so bad that you’re facing down a lethal threat with cold steel.

That sounds kind of dramatic, I guess… but this is serious business.

Be safe out there.