Upgrade any gun sight for 2 bucks

One of the problems I’ve noticed that I have with shooting is that, as I get older, my eyes are a little weaker than they used to be.

Quickly acquiring the sights on my gun has become more of a problem.

With my more expensive guns, this means investing in “high-vis” sights.

But what about my “junk guns,” or my training pistols – the stuff I don’t want to put a lot of money into?

I found a 2-dollar gun hack for that, and all you need is a Sharpie Paint Pen.

Paint pens are great for writing on lots of surfaces, and they actually have a little mixer inside just like a can of spray paint.

Once you get them going, you can apply paint to small areas… like the very crude sights on this training pistol:

I’ve gotten into the habit of always keeping some paint pens on hand for this kind of thing (and for marking the blue bins I use for my tools!).

In fact, I’m always looking for more “gun hacks” to make me a better tactical shooter.

Some of the better tips and tricks I found were part of Brian Morris’ “Spec Ops” Shooting:

You can get yours here if, like me, you want to be the best gun fighter you can be – in the least amount of training time.

I don’t know about you, but if I have to shoot my way out of a mugging or a home invasion, I don’t intend to fight fair.

That means I want as many tricks and strategies to back me up as I can possibly get.