What gear are you carrying (add THIS)

Hey, can I ask you a “personal” question?

What gear are you carrying around in your pockets?

I get some grief from friends and family because my pockets are so full all the time, but my Everyday Carry – my EDC – is really important to me.

That’s the stuff I rely on for self-defense and survival, you know?

Here’s just a few of the items I lug around every day:

Recently, I got to thinking that there might be a better way than just adding more gear every time I see something cool.

After I went looking, I found this book on “EDC” prepping:

It’s an incredibly handy guide that lets you turn your pockets into a mobile survival kit.

With the information in this book, I can make more informed choices about what I do and don’t carry.

And, honest, I consider myself a pretty tactical, pretty experienced, survival-minded guy… and some of the recommendations in this book surprised even me.

You can get your copy here.

When I got mine, I couldn’t put it down.

You’ll probably find it just as useful as I did.

(And, hey, it might even help you make your pants weigh a little bit less, like it did for me.)