Which guns should you carry… or HIDE?

I’m going to say something that none of us likes to hear, but that we all know to be true:

You need a gun.

You need a gun because the streets have become a violent, riot-torn, crime-washed nightmare.

There are 2 sets of rules: one for you and your family and your business… and one for the thousands of people rioting and burning in the streets.

They’ll attack you, beat you, burn your house, surround your car… they don’t care about the rules YOU are expected to follow.

And with the cops “defunded” and afraid to do their jobs, you need a gun to protect yourself now more than ever.

But there’s the problem – because the same politicians who support leaving you on your own, without protection (while THEY have armed security) want to BAN your guns.

So what do you do?

Well, you not only need to know which guns you should keep by yours side, for self-protection and even for survival

…but you also need to know how to be SMART with your guns, so you can hide some in case the government gets ban-happy.

And until recently, there wasn’t much information in one single place about how to do this.

But now there is – in a book called “Bug Out Guns” by former CIA officer Jason Hanson.

This book has all the information you need where protecting your guns and protecting your family is concerned.

Get it now – because no matter how geared up you might or might not be for self-protection, those weapons are useless if you don’t have this strategy to go with them.

You can learn more on this page.

Be safe out there – because our streets are more violent than ever.