Why I hate my Zippo lighter

Now, before I get started, let me explain that when I say I “hate” my Zippo, I don’t mean overall.

I mean, these are great if you keep them filled.

They produce a nice, strong flame…

…they’re more resistant to wind and even light rain than any disposable…

…and they stay lighted when you let go of them, which is awesome.

But the problem with Zippos is that the lighter fluid evaporates.

You have to fill them even if you don’t use them.

(Mine goes about a week and a half before it’s dry, even if I haven’t used it.)

You can wrap electrical tape around the lid to help prevent some of this, but it’s an imperfect solution at best.

That’s why, in addition to my pocket-carry Zippo (this brass one is really the one I carry every day now)…

…I have waterproof survival lighters for my pocket, my car, and my survival kits.

These neat little self-contained capsule lighters are totally waterproof.

They use the same lighter fluid, but they seal up so it can’t evaporate.

That means they’re not just more

convenient than a Zippo, but they’re

also more likely to operate when you

NEED them.

Plus, if you use this special link, you can get several of them for the cost of just shipping, as part of a special promo the manufacturer is doing.

Don’t wait – get your waterproof survival lighter, or a handful of them, today.

They work great for me, and I know they’ll work great for you, too.