You’re Lights Will Never Go Out Again If You Have These LED Emergency Bulbs

The LED emergency bulbs are such a great, simple invention I am again amazed nobody came up with it before - but then, the technology to build a battery into one of these bulbs is probably pretty new.
emergency led bulbs - battery powered
I have a little shop in my basement where I keep my tools and other things.

The other day, I plugged too many things in and the circut-breaker popped.

And just like that, it was pitch black.
When I went looking for a way to prevent myself from stumbling around to get the nearest flashlight, I found something that means…
Your Lights Will NEVER Go Out Again!
I’m always amazed when new technology that comes along and makes me think…

Why didn’t someone think of this before?
That’s the case with these new LED emergency bulbs.

It looks just like a ordinary LED lightbulb, the kind we’re all using at home these days.

(I can remember when LEDs were considered undesirable for interior lights, but the technology has gotten a LOT better… and of course the government had to go and get involved in what lightbulbs you can buy.)
But each of these bulbs has a battery built right in, which means that it provides up to 6 hours of light even when the power is off.

The best part is, you don’t actually have to do anything.

You just screw in the bulb to replace whatever bulb you were already using, and then it operates like any other light (until the power goes off).

Now, I don’t ever have to worry about being trapped in the dark again — in a power outage, a storm, whatever.

This is such a great, simple invention I am again amazed nobody came up with it before – but then, the technology to build a battery into one of these bulbs is probably pretty new.

Anyway, that’s my “survival home tip” this time around.
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