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You’re a nice guy (or gal) and there’s nothing wrong with that. You aren’t used to thinking of the world as a dangerous place — because most people aren’t. So, don’t worry.

There’s one way you can INSTANTLY become more “tactical,” is to carry one of the the best incognito weapons around — the TRS multi-tool

Multi-tool has a very low risk of being flagged as a “weapon” that you might have to give it up — and if you know what to look for, the right multi-tool will make you a formidable opponent.

It’s important to buy one that isn’t bulky or heavy…and is easy to carry such as this multitool from TRS. It lets you you clip the tool to just about anywhere, right where it’s handy. With this super-rugged, useful tool by your side, there’s no emergency (tactical or otherwise) you can’t handle!

It turns out, our friends at FightFast are offering the TRS for only the cost of shipping… other words, FREE.

Get yours here while supplies last. (Limited time only.)