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Wait ! Check Out This Super Powerful LED Torch – Emits 4500-W! 

400000 Lumens XHP90 LED Torch

Why you need a flashlight?

Because you can’t see in the dark, and it’s safe to say you’ll find yourself in that situation pretty often.


But then why are there so many different kinds of flashlights?

($44.97 + s&h)

Power. Durability. Extras.

Choosing the right flashlight boils down to those 3 aspects:

  • How powerful is the light?
  • How strong is the construction?
  • Are there any useful extras?

The Hedeli XHP90.3 LED Torch performs in all three areas.


At 400,000 lumens, this flashlight is probably much brighter than any one you’ve experienced before. This is not your grandfather’s camping flashlight.

For one, it uses LEDs, rather than that old incandescent bulb in gramps’ cheap tin model. LEDs are directional, meaning they output almost all their light in a straight line. You get focused beams of light, rather than a weak, dispersed glow.

The XHP 90.3 LEDs emit the equivalent of a 4500-watt bulb. Not 45. 4500. With an adjustable focal length, you can illuminate wide swaths in front of you or focus a beam 500 meters out.

In a tactical situation, that is more than enough to blind an attacker. Those key moments can mean the difference between death and survival.


The Hedeli XHP90.3 LED Torch is made of alloyed aluminum for the wear and tear of rugged use. It’s IPX-6 waterproof rated and shockproof, so a heavy rain and some hard knocks won’t faze it.

As for longevity, you can leave it on continuously for over a decade and the bulb won’t burn out.


The Hedeli XHP 90.3 LED Torch runs on either 26650 or 18650 rechargeable batteries, so you’ll never be without power. It’s USB rechargeable, and you can even use it to charge other devices like your cellphone.

Of course, you won’t always need to illuminate five football fields. The Hedeli XHP 90.3 has 3 brightness settings for the main light. The handle light doubles as an emergency and work light, featuring white, red, and flasher modes.

The Hedeli XHP 90.3 LED Torch is an all-around package.

It’s one of the strongest we’ve found on the market, and its quality craftsmanship makes a much better family heirloom than grandpa’s camping gear.

($44.97 + s&h)

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