The Classic Sword Manual Is BACK!

The sword has been a powerful weapon for thousands of years.

While modern fighters dismiss it as obsolete, this is a mistake.

A long blade (something the size of a machete or larger) can deal LETHAL force extremely effectively.

Easy to buy and legal to own, a sword is an amazing weapon in the right hands.

Learning to use a sword for self-defense and home defense doesn’t HAVE to be hard, but for years, there was no single, simple manual for how to do this.

That all changed when STREET SWORD was first published… and while it has been out of print for years, you can now finally own a digital copy!

When STREET SWORD was introduced, it immediately became controversial. TACTICAL KNIVES magazine called it a “realistic training manual” and noted that the mechanics in the book are sound. You CAN learn to use a SWORD with this manual… quickly and easily!

Try to find instruction on using a sword for self-defense and you’ll probably find nothing but books written by dojo-dwelling, gi-wearing martial artists hung up on ancient traditions and picture-perfect stances. For the modern sword enthusiast, Phil Elmore wipes the slate clean with Street Sword: Practical use of the Long Blade For Self-Defense.

Despite attempts by elitists to romanticize, deify, or otherwise elevate the sword to a mystical artifact, Elmore treats the sword like a tool for delivering force, period. It’s a great big knife. It’s a sharp bat. It’s a really long, really strong pointed stick.

These are all the things master swordsmen will tell you the sword is not. When it comes to self-defense, though, nothing makes the sword special. It obeys the laws of physics just like any other weapon.

In an era when shotguns, handguns, expandable batons, and other modern weapons are more portable and concealable, why would you arm yourself with a sword? There are many valid reasons. You might be unwilling or unable to own a firearm. You might have  sword in your home as a backup for when you run out of ammo. You might be concerned about overpenetration in urban settings (like in an apartment building). You might just think swords are cool (and we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that they are).

STREET SWORD will give you a framework to use the sword as a functional, practical weapon in today’s violent world, quickly providing an understanding of the simple physics involved (as well as concepts like timing, distance, and footwork). Reading this book won’t help you win a colored belt or an Olympic fencing medal, but it may be invaluable if a knife-wielding thug ever comes crawling through your bedroom window one dark night. Get your copy today!

Through simple, easy-to-understand instructions, learn how to effectively wield a machete, short-sword, and even a full-sized battle sword for effective home-defense and self-protection.

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