Elastic Pistol Holster with Ammo Pouches

Nowadays, you can get all kinds of holsters for strapping a gun to almost any part of your body.

Choosing the right one basically comes down to closeness, comfort, and concealment.

We've found an affordable option that targets all three.

Our Elastic Pistol Holster with Ammo Pouches tucks your weapon securely against your torso with extra space for ammo, accessories, or electronic devices.

Because it’s a belly band, you don’t need to worry about wearing a belt while carrying. It’s perfect for jogging, hiking, or just carrying while wearing some comfortable pants.

The elastic keeps it snug against your body so there aren’t any bulges to advertise that you’re packing. In an active shooter situation, truly concealing your weapon means you aren’t the first target the shooter sets his sights on.

You're prepared, but not prey.

This holster is made of high quality, breathable nylon with hook-and-loop fasteners for adjustable comfort. We also sell it in two sizes so you get the right fit. And at $14, it won’t break your bank.


($14 + $3.95 S&H)

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