No matter what, no matter where, you need to be prepared.

"Tactical EDC Multitool"

When restricted in what you can carry, your multitools will always be a great option in an pinch. 

I can’t count how many times I’ve had to go places where certain weapons were “restricted” before I finally wised up and got a multitool.

It is a major part of my EDC gear – I will never get caught without out it and neither should you. 

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COVID may impact delivery time. If so, latest delivery estimate is the week of 05/06

All multitools are not the same.

Some multitools are so specialized, they’re better for electricians or computer techs. Those are bulky and often too expensive.

Some multitools are on the opposite end: Not enough tools to make them functional for everyday use.

We’ve found just the right match.

The Multifunctional Survival Folding Knife combines lean design with robust functionality, all at an affordable price.

There’s no need to take out a loan to have a multitool that serves you in most situations. 

And there’s no need to strap on a giant hunk of metal to have the necessary tools handy.

High-grade stainless steel alloy for lightweight, yet durable construction.

The Multifunctional Survival Folding Knife is the perfect combo of function, form, and strength.

14 tools ready at your fingertips for life’s everyday challenges.

Whether that’s a home electronics project or popping a cold one after removing a fish hook, the Multifunctional Survival Folding Knife has got you covered.

Use the stainless steel drop-point blade for tasks like cutting rope, stripping wire, or opening boxes. When you need a bit more cutting power, the double-ground crosscut saw does the trick. It’s got openers for every type of container you can imagine, and unlike some multitools, it includes both Phillips head and flathead screwdrivers.

Normally, you’d have to shell out a premium price for quality like this.

Since we’ve got an inside line with the manufacturer, we can sell them to you at a discount. Other online outlets sell them for twice our price. With our price, you can grab one in sleek black-on-black and snag a Swiss Army-styled one for a family member. Or grab two for yourself and keep one in the glovebox.  

(FREE + $6.95 s&h)
COVID may impact delivery time. If so, latest delivery estimate is the week of 05/06