For everyday carry, you need simple, strong solutions.

"EDC Tactical Card"

You ever heard the expression “fought tooth and nail”?

It roughly means “fought with whatever tools were available.”

Simply put, if you’ve got to fight tooth and nail, you’re just unprepared.

You’ve got to have the right tool for the job—using your teeth or nails just won’t cut it, literally.

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You need balance.

Extraordinary situations require extraordinary tools, but you can’t lug around a tactical belt like Batman.

Instead, you need a lightweight solution to everyday problems.


Open boxes, loosen hex and flathead screws, strip some wire, or pop a cold one. 

Everyday situations call for multitools.

That’s why you’ve got to have a multitool in your everyday carry gear:

You don’t know what life will throw at you! 


Since the TSA began cracking down on carry-on weapons, most multitools get confiscated by security when travelling. TSA bans all multitools with knives of any length. 

That means your $200 Leatherman is now some TSA worker’s birthday present.

The EDC credit card multitool is approved for air travel. TSA won’t touch it.

14 tools inside your wallet

The EDC Credit Card Tool offers 14 standard tools, limited only by your task and imagination. 

Open boxes, loosen hex and flathead screws, strip some wire, or …pop a cold one. 

You need simple, strong solutions.

You need the affordable, compact EDC Tactical Card.

Stainless steel construction means it’s lightweight, yet strong enough for any task you throw at it.

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