In an emergency, muscle memory will save your life.

Quick Open Tactical Knife

Just as you should practice tactical draws with a gun, you should practice tactical draws with your knives.

Quick-access knives are functional and  effective. Unfortunately, their popularity means they’ve also been the target of government overreach.

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Spring-assisted quick open tactical knives may not remain legal.

Misguided politicians banned switchblades back in 1958 under the façade of “crime prevention.” Like gun control legislators of today, they were focused on the tool and not the causes.

Luckily for us, bladesmiths looked for alternatives that flew under the radar of the government, and spring-assisted knives were born. But they were not without controversy.

When the Customs and Border Patrol tried to classify these knives as switchblades back in 2009, knife rights advocates were having none of it.

As a result, spring-assisted knives like our Quick Open Tactical Knife are still legal—at least for now.

Razor quality. Steel strength.

Our Quick Open Tactical Knife is made with the highest quality “razor blade steel” – 440 stainless. This alloy provides strong corrosion and abrasion resistance while still maintaining a sharp bevel.

The spring assist glides the blade out smoothly, while the frame-locking mechanism ensures stability and strength. The stiletto profile gives it a classic look that is both sleek and stylish.

($27 + $4.95 s&h)
COVID may impact delivery time. If so, latest delivery estimate is the week of 05/06

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