SR KK77 Survival Cutter

If you had to name the most useful component in a Swiss Army knife, what would it be?

Well, not the tweezers or toothpick—those always get lost.

The straight blade certainly gets used, but every pocketknife has one of those.

The prize has to go to the scissors.

Instead of sawing through material with a straight blade, apply a fulcrum and simplify your life.

The next level

The SR KK77 takes that feature to the next level in survival gear. Swiss Army scissors are good for snipping.

The SR KK77 is good for shredding.

Survival shears

What sets the SR KK77 apart are its survival shears. They’re like a heavy-duty version of those Swiss Army scissors.

Easily convert the handle to an opposing anvil for the blade, and you can use the survival cutter to slice through larger branches, thicker rope, and tougher material.  

Dominant design

At just under 10 inches long, the SR KK77 is intimidating as an EDC.

In its primary position, the SR KK77 functions as a fixed blade. Its honed edge makes for smooth entry, while its sharp angles ensure a jagged—and painful—exit.

Those angles also house a handy bottle opener, nail remover, and rope cutter.

Signature style

SR uses a patented stonewashing and etching process for their distinct look. The result is an intricate texture that accentuates a rugged and practical blade.  

Grab an SR KK77 for your EDC or bugout bag.

($7 + $3.95 S&H)

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