Sometimes, you’ve just got to offend to defend.

Urban Jungle Straight Blade

This beast of a blade is both intimidating and functional.

The dumb criminals are in jail. The potential attackers that you’ll run into are the ones who wisely pick their prey.

They look for the weak, the oblivious, the unarmed—they go for the easy target, every time.

The Urban Jungle Straight Blade ensures you’re never the easy target.

Even when sheathed, the Urban Jungle Straight Blade cuts an impressive profile.

With a blade of just under 4 inches, the Urban Jungle is legal in most locales. The open points on the knuckles provide another striking point, while avoiding the legal troubles of most trench knives. In addition to the blade and pointed finger grooves, the pommel sports a steel spike for deadly hammer strikes.

One look, and a would-be attacker turns tail.

Design doesn’t sacrifice function to form. 

The Urban Jungle Straight Blade is crafted from 9Cr18MoV steel alloy. This mixture of high chromium, carbon, and molybdenum means superior strength and corrosion resistance. Full-tang construction distributes force down the length of the handle for better balance and leverage.

The Urban Jungle Straight Blade is perfect for defense or performance.

($47 +  S&H)

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