Beat ANY Bully Or Antifa Thug

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News over the weekend was that more and more areas of big cities are being taken over by “Antifa” thugs.

These “anti-fascist” domestic terrorists even attacked a guy with knives and hit him with a skateboard.

(He shot one of them, and will probably end up facing charges for defending himself.)

If you’re ever caught on the street where one of these black-masked, black-hoodie-wearing groups of scumbags is gathered, you – and your family – could be in real danger.

And honestly, the time to mess around or play around is OVER.

These people have proven that they want to HURT innocent people, and they don’t care if bystanders get hurt  (like when they dropped a statue on one guy and crushed his skull).

So what sort of brutal street-fighting skills do you need to defend yourself against something like that?

Well, yesterday I told you about an obscure, knife-skills martial art called Silat… but a bunch of people wrote to tell me, “That’s fine… but I want something home-grown.”

Well, what could be more “Western” than down-and-dirty boxing?

Boxers are tough because they TRAIN to take a beating while delivering SAVAGE damage.

And while it’s not easy to find a basic boxing program that you can do at home, this video set does that.

It’s called “Virtual Boxer,” and you can get it here.

It will give you the basic boxing skills you need to deal out BRUTAL self-defense moves if ANYBODY tries to hurt you.

It’s not fancy… it’s not “exotic”… it’s just dirt-basic, absolutely MEAN street-tough boxing, that you can learn right at home.

Sometimes, that’s exactly what you need to get the job done.

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