Tactical Pen For Self Defense

No matter what, no matter where, you need to be armed.

An EDC Tactical Pen Is The Perfect "Go Anywhere" Daily Carry Weapon!

The tactical pan is almost always legal, very discreet, and extremely powerful.

You can take this pen many places a more obvious weapon can’t go.


You can’t always have a gun or a knife… but you can almost always have one of these pens, which make great striking and even stabbing weapons in an emergency.

($7 + $3.95)

Not only is this a great emergency defense tool, but carrying a pen with you every day is incredibly useful. You just never know when you’ll need to be able to sign a form, write a note, or jot down a number… and if you have to break a pane of glass (or break some mugger’s face) you have the power of knurled aluminum to do it with.

Tactical Pens

That’s right: If you need to smash open any glass barrier, an aluminum tactical pen gives you the force to do it with.

And with a tactical pen in your pocket, if you have to prove to some scumbag that the “pen is mightier than the sword,” you’ll have the tool you need to do it.

The tactical pen also gives you a bunch of “less lethal” options. Use it as a “pocket stick” or “yawara” to increase the force of your strikes by concentrating your muscle power into a smaller area (the tip of the pen). You can even use it for leverage to enhance joint locks and other compliance techniques. Any technique that works with a Japanese yawara will work with the tactical pen…

…And if you REALLY need to put power behind it and put the pointy end into someone, the pen become an expedient “poking and stabbing” tool — but ONLY when your life is in real danger

Stay armed wherever you go with this high-quality tactical writing pen in your pocket. No matter the emergency, this durable tool will give you the leverage you need.

($7 + $3.95)