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8,000 Lumens

LED HEadlamp

Adjustable, Rechargeable, 4 modes

A quality headlamp is worth its weight in gold. In any emergency, you need your hands to get things done. With a standard flashlight, that means you either have to position it on something or have someone else hold it for you. That’s a valuable helper that could be working toward survival, rather than just standing around.

We searched far and wide to find the perfect light source for your Blackout Bag. When your utilities fail, you need a lightweight, powerful, and useful torch to see you through the darkness. The Leliten LED excels in all the right categories.

Your light needs to be LIGHTWEIGHT. There’s no reason to lug around a 3-pound flashlight that puts out a weak beam. LED technology is a must. LEDs pack more power in a small package.

Your light source needs to be POWERFUL. You need a light that cuts a wide swath through the darkness. In an emergency, you need to see all around you.

Your light needs to be USEFUL. Regular flashlights have one major flaw: They occupy one of your hands. That, or you’ve got to cradle it under your chin, taking your eyes off the focus of your work. You need a light that frees up your hands to get the job done.



    The Leliten weighs less than 12 oz.


    The Leliten emits over 8,000 lumens.


    Thick comfort straps secure the Leliten to your forehead.

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