The slick, FAST knife in my waistband

One of the more interesting pieces of “tactical knife advice” I’ve gotten over the years was this: Don’t carry your knife in your front pocket. See, most people just clip a tactical knife to their strong-side front pocket, where the clip is visible. But if you’re like me, you’re constantly spotting people carrying their knives that way. These days, people are looking for ANY excuse to report somebody for having a “weapon.” And you don’t want ...Read More

Enter a name, wait 9 seconds, brace yourself

Ever googled yourself? A friend? An online date? We’re all guilty of keeping an eye on what is said about us online. The problem is, Google limits the personal informati...

How a 9-volt battery can knock a man down

Have you ever wondered how it’s possible to take something as small as a 9-volt battery, like the one in your smoke detector… …and scramble a guy’s muscles with it...

A “sneaky” way to protect your 2nd Amendment rights

I’m not going to try to soften this, fellow gun owners. The elections are coming, and we’re all in big trouble. If Kamala Harris and Joe Biden get in the White Hou...

archery and… self-defense? (Weird)

I saw a funny meme the other day. It was about the invention of archery – the idea that people learned to shoot arrows because the guy they wanted to fight was “wa...

One click to fool “big brother” and Big Tech

George Orwell’s famous book, 1984, describes a future society where the government watches everybody. It isn’t fi...Read More

Why “operators” don’t like shoulder holsters

If you’ve ever taken one of those high-speed, low-drag close-quarters shooting classes, you know that “operator&#...Read More

Upgrade any gun sight for 2 bucks

One of the problems I’ve noticed that I have with shooting is that, as I get older, my eyes are a little weaker than th...Read More


Are you truly “tactical” or a “prepared citizen?” Just a few simple questions can easily tell how “tactical” you are as a...Read More

Covert Carry versus Concealed Carry

What do you think of when you hear the term “concealed carry?” Your first thought might be the legal definition of carrying a...Read More

14 Rare Medical Preps Every Prepper Should Stock Up On NOW

For a true blue Prepper, prepping for the worst-case scenarios is a calling. Check out these rare medical preps every prepper...Read More

Belly Band Bonanza: The TFB Belly Band Holster Review Roundup

Belly Band holsters have been a favorite carry style of mine for some time now and I find that I use this method of carrying ...Read More

POTD: M3M Door Gunner in the NHIndustries NH90

In each of our Photo Of The Day articles, we bring you the work of great and inspiring photographers from around the globe.  ...Read More

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Plate Carrier Setup: Upgrading the TYR Tactical PICO-DS

A few months ago, we discussed the benefits and drawbacks of various types of load-bearing equipment in our article, Front Toward Enemy: Survival Plate Carriers...

DIY Off-Road Vehicle Recovery with Rope & Pulleys

We’ve all been there — alone and unafraid, enjoying a weekend adventure or vacation in the backwoods and basking in the freedom American off-roading...

Yousef Badou Interview: Predatory Premonition

Threat detection is a lot like playing chess. You have to know what to look for before you can look for it. It’s a way of weaponizing your senses. When yo...

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XS Sights Renames Their RAM Sights to R3D Night Sights and Introduces Glock Sights

A trademark clash has seen Texas-based XS Sights rename one of their popular lines of tritium night sights. The RAM line will now be known as the R3D Night Sigh...

French Army Buys Steiner Scopes, Trijicon Reflex Sights & Spuhr Mounts for Snipers

Steiner Optics and Humbert CTTS, a French distributor, has won a large contract to supply various riflescopes to the French Armed Forces. Initially, the contrac...

SIG SAUER Announces TANGO6T Riflescope Selected for US Army’s Direct View Optic

Last month we reported that SIG Sauer had been awarded a major contract to provide the US Army’s new Direct View Optic (DVO) which will be used on the current M...

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